The Story Behind The Collector – David Jerome

David Jermone



As a young boy David would share his time working in London’s street markets with his father or helping his mother run the fruit shop, leaving little time for school.

David’s father would offer to purchase jewellery and other precious items from those who were looking to exchange these items for money, this is where David had his first, unforgettable experience of coloured gemstones.

David has always been fascinated by colour and would spend hours staring at the pieces of jewellery his father would bring back from the market, mesmerised by their deep and vibrant hues. David’s deep love for a variety of colour would always remain a core part of him and moving forward, would have a direct influence on the rest of his life.


Creator, Inventor and Businessman

In the 1970s David started to build his first career, as a hairdresser. This particular profession fed David’s love of colour and creativity. Working alongside the likes of famous stylist Vidal Sassoon, David’s persistent attention to detail and his ethos of only settling for the best soon catapulted him to success.

David became known for his colourful and creative hairstyles and would experiment with different hair salon products in order to discover new and vibrant colours. This eventually led to David starting his own company, alongside his brother, in the United States of America called Jerome Russell.

Based in Los Angeles, David and his company Jerome Russell would eventually become known for their ground breaking, vibrant hair colouring – introducing the first fluorescent pink and orange hair dyes. David would later go on to build a relationship with famous basketball player Dennis Rodman who would catapult David’s hair products into the limelight.

It wasn’t long before Jerome Russell and their extensive product range, which had been bolstered by further original products such as glitter hairspray, was purchased by American International Industries, who still owns the brand to this day.


David Jerome


A Passion for Perfection

From that moment on David could pursue his hopes and dreams full time, which led to him finding his way back to his love for precious colourful gemstones that he had established as a young boy. David would go on to be educated in the realms of gemmology, ensuring he could realise the quality of the gemstones he would go on to purchase.

David has often been coined as a perfectionist, never settling for anything other than the best and this carried through to his choice in precious gemstones. David would peruse hundreds of precious gemstones before finding one he would deem suitable for his collection.

Consistently acquiring his precious gemstones directly from the source, David spent over 40 years forming and building relationships with the owners of various mines around the world, including tanzanite from the famous D-Block mine in Arusha, rubies from Burma and Mozambique, sapphires from Sri Lanka and emeralds from Zambia.


David Jerome


Europe’s Largest Collection of Unheated and Untreated Gemstones

Only sourcing the most rare gemstones, David’s private collection would go on to boast over 200 untreated and unheated rubies, hundreds of untreated emeralds and more, all of which can be traced back to conflict free and ethically run mines.

Over 90% of the David Jerome Collection is untreated or unheated. Although certain gemstones, such as tanzanite for example, must be heated to around 600 degrees.

A grand admirer of jewellery his entire life, after sourcing the gemstones in uncut form David would envisage how he could set them into a new and stunning piece of jewellery and then go about designing and building it from scratch. This continues to be David’s most enjoyable pastime to this day.


David Jerome


All of David’s pieces are either set into platinum or 18 carat gold, of the yellow, white and rose variety – as well as being English hallmarked. Many of these pieces of jewellery would be added to David’s collection and never used or worn, meaning the vast majority of this private collection is in brand new condition.

David has come to a point with his collection where he would like to offer the thousands of pieces to either a private buyer or an interested retailer.

Although David will continue to fulfil his passion of acquiring rare gemstones and setting them into beautiful pieces of jewellery, he is now interested in taking many of these pieces he has already curated to market.

Thought to be the largest private holding of coloured gemstones in Europe, David’s collection is unrivalled in terms of rarity and quality.


David Jerome


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