One of Europe’s Largest Private Collections of Precious Coloured Natural Gemstones

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Rare Gems David Jerome Collection for ConnectVIPs

David Jerome has spent much of his life, travelling the world, amassing a breathtaking collection of the rarest and purest rubies, aquamarine, tanzanites, emeralds, sapphires and more. In total the private David Jerome Collection is formed of hundreds of prized gems. Ethically sourced directly from precious gemstone mines all around the World, only the finest stones have been selected for the collection, which is valued at over £40 million in retail value.

Since 2015 was established as ‘The Year of the Coloured Gemstone’ the rate of rising values of coloured gemstones has even outstripped those of diamonds as influencers, such as royalty and celebrities, highlight their appeal and raise their profile. The Duchess of Cambridge is noted to be a particular admirer of precious gemstone jewellery, such as those consisting of Rubies, Emeralds and Diamonds.


Precious Gems - Emerald - Private Collection Gemstones - ConnectVIPs

A 6.42 carat Colombian Emerald mounted with V.S clarity diamonds, totally natural and free from any treatments, and set in Platinum.


Not only are gemstones stunning, they are incredibly fascinating! A gemstone is a mineral or naturally occurring material that is durable enough to be carved, polished and cut to create beautiful pieces of jewellery and lustrous adornments.

When choosing gemstones for jewellery, the eye catching colour is generally the most notable physical feature. Each stone has a unique crystalline structure and how this composition interacts with light determines the optical properties of each and every gem and the appearance of its colour. It is this uniqueness and the organic nature of gemstones that makes them so precious to own.


Precious Gems - Zultanite - Private Collection Gemstones - ConnectVIPs

A very rare 10.73 Zultanite mounted with V.S clarity diamonds and set in 18 carat white gold. Totally natural with no treatments or heat.


There are many traditions associated with the usage and giving of gemstones although these can differ by culture and many of their origins are unknown. For instance, many believe that the agate gemstone protects against the evil eye and pearls are for health, wealth and good luck.


The Source

All precious gemstones within the David Jerome Collection were originally sourced as loose gems. In recent years these precious gems have been set and mounted amongst diamonds, in pieces of fine jewellery, to really highlight and showcase their beauty as well as make them a more suitable offering for the international jewellery market. The owner of this private collection has travelled the world’s precious stone mines, not limited to but including Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Zambia and Tanzania where David sort only the highest quality stones.

The private collection started over 40 years ago when David purchased a highly-prized 133 carat Tanzanite, this ignited his passion to source a whole range of gemstones from all over the world. Over the years David has become established and recognised by gemstone miners across the globe as one of Europe’s most prominent buyers.


The David Jerome Collection

The price of pieces in the collection range from the low thousands to the hundreds of thousands, including a matching set of 35 carat Zambian emerald earrings with an estimated value of £2 million. Every gemstone in the collection has its own independently issue certificate of authenticity and quality, including GRS Certificates showing that they are the purest quality in their natural form.

Over 90% of the gemstones in the David Jerome Collection are unheated and untreated. There has been no coloured oil, lead or any fracture filling of any kind – ensuring your gemstone will always look as pristine and as beautiful as it always has. Many acquirers of gemstones will heat the gemstones in order to make them appear higher quality than they actually are – 90% of the David Jerome Collection are unheated and untreated and are provided alongside the certificates to prove this.

The issue with treated gemstones is that over time, they will eventually revert to the poor quality they were in the first instance – as the oil or silver that they have been treated with erodes away.


Precious Gems - Ruby - Private Collection Gemstones - ConnectVIPs


Including very rare D-block mined Tanzanites, all pieces are mounted with VS clarity Diamonds of the highest colour quality. The precious metals we use for the mounts are either Platinum or 18 carat gold, which can either be white, yellow, or rose gold. Coloured gemstone jewellery has been rapidly growing in popularity, naturally this is being reflected in auction rooms globally with a World Record being set this Spring for a Ruby that sold at auction in Geneva for £19.4 million.


Working Together

Throughout 2017 ConnectVIPs has been working closely with David Jerome (DJC), not just to showcase their exquisite gemstones to our discerning clientele, but to also help them reach a wider audience.

Watch out for DJC precious gems at various celebrity and charity fundraising events throughout the UK and Europe next year. With the kind generosity of DJC we’ve been able to source some unique one-off pieces for inclusion at ConnectVIPs events through our live and silent auctions.

As event industry experts, discover how to make planning your event and auctions easier and more efficient than ever, and most importantly raise more funds for your cause.