The perfect way to entertain and reward your clients…..

January 6, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Corporate Golf,Events,Golf

There’s no doubt about it…. a lot that can be accomplished on a golf course that has nothing to do with hitting a spectacular drive straight down the fairway or sinking a difficult putt. There’s no telling how many business deals have been brokered while the participants were on the tees, greens or fairways.

After agreeing the date of the tournament, the most important question to ask is “What is its business purpose?”

One of our corporate clients brought in their top 10 potential clients and 10 existing clients, paired them together along with a Company representative. Suddenly you are in a non-threatening world — you’re not behind a desk. You get to talk one-on-one, what better way to promote your services than with a satisfied client.  It also gives the prospective client an excellent opportunity to learn about the character of the Company representative and get to know him outside the workplace.

The results of the impromptu  golf four ball speak for themselves.




Another reason for hosting a golf tournament is to thank customers for their business. Several of our corporate clients plan a tournament in appreciation of their customers. The company limits the tournament to 72 golfers to keep it small enough so that employees can have ample one-on-one interaction with their top customers.

We suggest you allow enough time to send out invites to your customers so they can get it in their diaries, but not too much time to where it goes on their calendar and gets forgotten.



An important part of ensuring a successful event is to make sure that all elements of the day are organised in a professional and seamless manner.


Our success is down to attention to detail, dedication and enthusiasm. We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of quality and added value to all of our clients, no matter how large or small.

When providing our expertise in organising golf tournaments, we suggest the importance of adding an element or activity for example a trick shot show or beat the Pro etc,  to make the tournament even more memorable.  



A golf event is just a golf event unless you make it a little bit different. It’s what your guests remember most about the event and about your brand!  

Whether your needs require us to organise a Corporate golf event, secure a celebrity, trick-shot entertainer or PGA Tour Player, purchase golf goods or equipment and/or recruit players/sponsors – ConnectVIPs are here to assist all your unique needs.