Watch Sourcing

Trust is prime when buying a timepiece

Whether you are looking to purchase a pre-owned or new Patek Philippe™ or a Rolex™, ConnectVIPs network of watch distributors will deliver the watch of your dreams at the best price on the market. Our goal is to be your trusted source for your watch needs. Trust is prime when buying a timepiece and we are here to gain this trust by providing fine advisory and prime service. Every timepiece tells a story….   A watch is a great memento to mark the important moments in your life and it’s a beautiful heirloom to be cherished by those will succeed you. You can buy a dream car or own a beautiful antique yet your watch will be at your wrist at all times.. Through our international network of contacts, collectors and dealers we are able to source most fine watches at competitive prices.  The procedure for sourcing is straightforward and crucially all of the responsibility is ours.




For new enthusiasts and watch connoisseurs alike,  you tell us what you’re looking for – whether you know the exact watch or just the elements that are important to you such as year, colour, size, etc. – along with an idea of your budget. We go off and find some options for you on a completely obligation free basis. When we have a few suggestions for you we send the details by email and if there’s something that you like we then agree in writing, the elements that are vital to you If we’re happy that the watch fits your requirements then we give you a guarantee to that effect. You pay us a 50% deposit and we secure the watch of your choice for you – you are only committed to the purchase as long as the watch is as described in the final email.  This ensures the onus is always on us to make sure that the watch that we source is the watch that you have asked us for.

We deliver the watch to you and you confirm that it is as described – if it is then you pay the balance, if it isn’t then we refund your deposit.   We should point out that your deposit would only be refunded if the watch fails to meet the specifications that we have guaranteed in our final email.  As we’ve bought this watch specifically for you, we can’t refund you if you change your mind for any other reason.   Use our services with confidence as many satisfied clients already have and do.   Contact us today to let us help you find the watch of your choice: